Flexo Printing Production Manager

Company Name:
Flexo printing company is interested in hiring an experienced flexo printing production manager to oversee all phases of manufacturing including scheduling, staffing and organization of the workflow, and direct management of shift supervisors. Candidates should have at least 5-10 years in the industry.
Job responsibilites:
Communicate with other department managers to facilitate a smooth workflow, and relay production information required to meet customer needs.
Maintain proper inventory of supplies required for manufacturing. Oversee hiring for all manufacturing positions, facilitate training for all manufacturing positions.
Oversee continuous improvement, implementation of best practices and management of standard operating procedures.
Review production efficiency reports, quality reports and corrective actions.
Report to the plant manager any issues, or problems that arise which could cause disruptions in production or have any type of negative impact on the company.
Duties require good verbal and written communications skills, visual acuity to plant activities and product detail, good color vision, and the ability to deal with people in all situations.
Essential Job Functions
Review production reports with supervisors, identify problems and initiate corrective action.
Oversee quality assurance at the point of service.
Review press schedule and verify the machine time is scheduled efficiently and the department is staffed correctly according to needs.
Review all new orders and follow up on all trials.
Facilitate all training of supervisors, press operators, press helpers, mount techs, cage techs, including creation and implementation of training manuals if and when necessary.
Coordinate with the plant manager to schedule machine maintenance down time.
Oversee inventory levels of all supplies for press, plate and mounting departments.
Complete any corrective action forms required by or resulting from customer complaints.
Assure that all company policies and procedures are followed by all manufacturing personnel.
Review all manufacturing employee evaluations.
Assure that management communication and or disciplinary action included coaching/training and is carried out in a fair and consistent manner.
Work with the plant manager and HR to create incentives.
Cover for plant manager in his/her absence.
Enforce Safety rules and regulations. Ensure utilization of safety equipment and ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of work areas and equipment.
Salary based on experience in flexo printing and management. Full company benefits including health, dental, vision, disability, paid vacation, holidays, 401k and relocation. NM50

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