Registered Dietitian

The Clinical Dietitian is the medical nutrition expert responsible for independently planning, developing and directing all nutritional care activities for assigned clients, including those with complex medical and nutritional needs.
He/she supports the facility's mission and coordinates nutritional care with other health care providers, the client, the client's family and the community.
The increasing complexity and specialization in nutrition requires that the clinical dietitian have expe1tise in a wide range of disease entities, treatment modalities and drug/nutrient interactions.
The Clinical Dietitian will be involved in the professional practice of dietetics in accordance with the guidance set forth in Nutrition and Food Service policies and procedures and VA regulations governing the practice of dietetics.
The Clinical Dietitian may be scheduled and assigned to any nutrition practice area, and must possess the required knowledge and skills in order to perform the following functions:
Nutritional Care - Conducts a comprehensive nutrition assessment for patients at nutritional risk.
Develops and implements an individualized plan for medical nutrition therapy in accordance with the patient's medical program goals and objectives.
Accurately obtains and interprets medical information pe1tinent to the patient's nutritional care to determine risk, assess nutritional status and develop individual specialized care plans to simultaneously address several disease processes.
Calculates nutritional requirements (calories, protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, electrolytes, fluid) and necessary diet restrictions or food/drug interactions.
Diet prescribed is tailored to each individual client's according to physical and metabolic needs and designs the nutritional treatment plan with consideration for psychosocial, behavioral, ethnic and cultural factors to obtain desirable outcomes and promote long term adherence to a medical nutritional care plan.
Nutrition Education - Assesses educational needs and provides nutrition counseling for individuals and groups, incorporating a learning approach that considers the cultural, religious, educational, and medical situation of the patient.
Includes information regarding budgeting, menu planning, food purchasing and preparation, food storage and sanitation.
Business/Supervisory Functions - Maintains productivity standards and practices, effective time management, and prioritizing of tasks.
Assists in developing and revising patient education materials, clinical forms, and protocols.
Ensures that all outpatient clinic appointments are scheduled in accordance with the business rules spelt out in the VHA Directive that addresses Outpatient Scheduling Processes and Procedures.
Incumbent schedules outpatient clinic appointment using Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VISTA) scheduling options.
Uses established business rules to schedule appointments for veterans.
This includes clinic visits, consultations and entries into the Electronic Wait List (EWL) and Primary Care Management Module assignments, as applicable.
Completes all required scheduling training requirements.
Work Schedule:
Monday to Friday, 7:
30am to 5:
00pm Functional Statement Title:
Clinical Dietitian GS-7; Clinical Dietitian GS-9; Clinical Dietitian GS-11Work Location:
Incumbent will work in the Fitchburg/Worcester Massachusetts area.

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