Flexo Printing Trainer

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The goal of this role is to continue to improve and conduct Printing Operations training programs including Press Helper, Press Operator, and Material Handler roles. Teach new employees how to operate the equipment to which they are initially assigned and teach current employees how to set-up and operate various machines. Perform a fairly wide variety of duties involved in flexographic press operations to print and meet established requirements.
Observe all prescribed or standard safety rules and regulations.
Conduct training programs that will cover all printing equipment and related process activities and issues, including machine operation, safety requirements, quality inspection, paperwork, and computer data requirements.
Work across shifts to coordinate training and feedback with trainers and trainees.
Continually improve training programs based on feedback from trainers and trainees.
Work with internal trainers on shifts to ensure training process/procedures are uniformly followed.
Assess each employees equipment operating capabilities during training and report that status to management so that appropriate manning decisions can be made.
Maintain working knowledge of changing equipment and procedures in order to ensure that critical training information is conveyed.
Demonstrate to employees how to review and interpret work instructions and specification information, as well as how to make measurements and to use hand tools in operation equipment.
Maintain training logs and ensure that all employees are qualified in their role per ISO procedures.
Schedule additional training as required to satisfy work center load requirements.
To accommodate the training needs of various shifts will be required to flex work schedule.
Perform the Press Operator role when training needs are low.
Knowledge of flexographic press operations, related equipment and minor maintenance.
2 or more years experience as a press operator.
Experience as a trainer is preferred.
Computer proficiency including PowerPoint preferred
Effective communication skills: 1-1, group and written.
Ability to flex schedule across shifts as required to coordinate with shift trainers and trainees.
Required experience:
Flexographic Press Operator: 2 years +
Some travel required

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